Who we are

WA Interpreters are the only major language services provider solely owned and based in Perth, Western Australia.

We provide interpreting and translating service across 90 languages and dialects.

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted and prompt service available.

Established in 2005 and since then rapidly expanded its operations and has become one of the biggest interpreting and translating agencies in Perth.
Our clients include all major hospitals in Perth, such as Royal Perth Hospital, Osborne Park Hospital, Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, St John of God Hospital, KEMH and PMH, Disability Services Commission, ASeTTs, Torture and Trauma counselling service and many other smaller organisations.

We have a firsthand knowledge about the practitioners who operate in Perth and their personal characteristics and aptitude for a particular assignment.

WA Interpreters office staff are trained and well versed in dealing with the different aspects of booking interpreting assignments. We have implemented a computerised SMS system to contact interpreters and deliver job details to them the quickest possible way. This assures a prompt response to our customers.

Priority is always given to short notice requests and we respond within 15 mins if the request is for ASAP assignment or the same day booking. Our standard booking procedure is to receive booking sheets via fax or email and we respond with the booking confirmation within 24 hrs if the request is not urgent.

You can also send your requests electronically via our website if that is your preference. Electronic booking system can further reduce overhead costs for your organisation.

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Depth and breadth in our team

We know “who is who” in Perth when it comes to interpreters and when choosing an appropriate interpreter we take into account not just the NAATI level of accreditation but their experience, the amount and nature of their training as well as their personality.

We have almost 300 interpreters available on our panel. All of them are NAATI Accredited or tertiary qualified interpreters and translators. There is a number of NAATI Professional interpreters who only work for our agency.

Due to our past performance and client focus we have successfully attained these contracts and our clients stayed with us for all the successive years. Interpreters are always happy to make more time available to us due to the exceptionally good work relationship with our company.

We’re ready to work with you – make a booking with us online at anytime